About TEDx

TED is a global conference devoted to ideas worth spreading.
The conference started out in 1984 bringing together people from three worlds: Technology, Entertainment, Design. Since then, its scope has become even broader. TED talks are filmed and published through the official TED channels, reaching millions all around the world. TEDx events are in the spirit of TED's mission but independently organized under an official TEDx license. WHU – Otto Beisheim School of Management is a leading business school located in Vallendar/Koblenz. It is continuously ranked among the best business schools in Europe. TEDxWHU is designed to stimulate dialogues through TED-like experiences. Live presenters spark deep conversation and connections. The TEDxWHU event is fully planned and coordinated by students of WHU and takes place at the Vallendar Campus.

Meet the Team!

Jara Comperl
General Management
Phu-Tung Ngo
Event Organization
Sarah Krom
Event Organization
Luca Micke
Event Organization
Sven Hinüber
Speakers & Curation
Katharina Godon
Speakers & Curation
Simon Kottmann
Speakers & Curation
Philip Becker
Felizitas Graf
Nafey Lugman
Kenenisa Busch
Luis Brune
Linn Bretfeld
Phoebe Preusser
Wiktoria Gajewska
Media Production
Alem Hodzic
Media Production

Team 2023

Maximilian Brisch, Jara Comperl, Niklas Wittig, Katharina Godon,
Sven Hinüber, Pablo Betzelt, Laura van Well, Nafey Lugman, Yuqing Han,
Phu-Tong Ngo, Rick Rahlmeyer, Constanze Jäger, Luis Brune, Shengxin Yu, Wiktoria Gajewska

Team 2022

Jonas Kebsch, Laura Pedrini, Jonathan Peters, Yuqing Han, Ojasvi Agarwaal, Sheng Xin Yu, Helena Mai, Lucas Eberhardt, Niklas Wittig, Sonja Bikowski, Geena Grunert, Maximilian Brisch, Alyssa Chullen, Amelie Schulze, Laura Van Well, Kea Comperl, Constanze Jäger, Luis Kirchner, Julia Strothmann

Team 2021

Julia Strohmann, Luis Kirchner, Ana Möller, Jonas Kebsch, Laura Pedrini, Caroline Vaessen, Ha Nhi Le, Kea Comperl, Minh Nguyen, Yichao Zhang,
Alyssa Chullen, Lukas Bierfreund, Katharina Lonnes, Helena Mai, Johann Schaper, Anna-Lotte Baltes, Niclas Höppner, Sonja Bikowski

Team 2020

Caroline Vaessen, Marc Franzen, Katharina Lonnes, Robin Vigerbäck, Maximilian Hof, Julia Strothmann, Patricia Müller, Sandra Reiser, Alyssa Chullen, Emily Cognet-Fante, Minh Nguyen, Ha Nhi Le, Pierre Tschirhart, Hannah Petry, Luis Kirchner, Elena Bandel

Team 2019

Caroline Vaessen, Maximilian Hof, Emily Cognet-Fante, Elena Bandel,
Patricia Müller, Hannah Petry, Owen Chen, Eric Wagner

Team 2018

Carl Witzel, Dominik Härtl, Eva Scheiwe, Noemi Lewald, Sebastian Präuner, Felix von Laffert, Caroline Vaessen, Lena Wink, Maria Barber Capo,
Sonja Löwy, Jean-Xia Chou, Felix Heuer, Cedric Rohm, Siddik Turhalli           

Team 2017

Alexander Fries, Carl Witzel, Dominik Härtl, Eva Scheiwe, Kiara Sweeney,
Maria Dura Ballester, Noemi Lewald, Patrick Wojsa, Sebastian Bunte,
Sebastian Präuner

Team 2016

Alexander Krause, Anno Hoeller, Carl Witzel, Dominik Härtl, Dustin Sahm, Kai Siebenrock, Kiara Sweeney, Lukas Theis, Maren Förster, Niklas Mallmann, Torsten Kühlmann                  

Founding Team 2015

Alexander Schwab, Alexandra Doll, Anne Valtink, Kai Künne, Kai Siebenrock, Monika Hauck, Richard Hoeft